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Free •The Secret Of Space Octopuses v1.02

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Octopuses v1.02

Android Market App

: 2.0.1

Android Market App

: ** Optimized+ Samsung Devices **

Octopuses horizontal scrolling adventure game, mixing platform, puzzle .

You're following Little Buddy's story, a young earthling who after having been abducted aliens, him entire village, from he's being held captive. so, he's going a robot out junk named B.O.T (Bunch ) capabilities. During , Little Buddy 's secrets : Octopuses attitude along two different endings.

's universe shows itself parody within gender where humour hiding strong language, giving freedom . scenes rarely imposed player then fall environments filled, numerous discussions between a full grasp scenario. be able some support from which itself useful data while Little buddy .

During , labyrinth-type levels world. He'll be able support from B.O.T's capacities, able , slide, grip, hit, deploy a shield but above all things, absorb various materials them in. Whereas it'd be plants, rocks boxes beasts, there from. produces a specific type . Thus, absorbing rocks RockBoxes which given their natural toughness, could be used, projectiles piled up, stairs. Absorbing a particular type GlueBoxes which wall object game. They themselves very useful B.O.T. hanging from a ceiling a moving object, prove themselves very efficient against enemies, getting them stuck ground.

There kinds entirely player box use (bouncing, anti-gravity, brightness, explosive etc...). give free boxes. Whenever appears way, there never one way type . Its a gameplay based first .

Along , ' path frequently, armed . Despite them very tough, balance numbers adding fact difficulty dynamic, adapting itself player's skill. t sends octopuses hospital, 's reinforcements capabilities. opposite, if weakens starts up, he won't be much menace anymore, ' presence lower within . T matches every player's skill level without generating any frustration.

Octopuses wishes back long lost atmosphere

Free •The Secret Of Space Octopuses v1.02
games while offering a modern gameplay. logical physical responses perfectly environment., hitting blank him move backwards whereas a h him flying in scenery triggering huge landslides enemies'll be ! 's dynamic behavior totally unpredictable situations.



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