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Free •Mobile Observatory - Astronomy v2.0.1

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Mobile Observatory - Astronomy v2.0.1

Android Market App

: Android 4.0+

Android Market App

: Mobile Observatory - App Smart Phone

Mobile Observatory most complete astronomy apps available devices perfect tool interested sky's wonders, from sky gazer passionate amateur astronomer.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 which close encounter 15, 2013, app!

Mobile Observatory most complete astronomy apps available devices perfect tool interested sky's wonders, from sky gazer passionate amateur astronomer.

if lunar eclipse from bright comet ? like notified smart phone time, Jupiter Moon meet sky? what bright object evening sky is? always up-to-date which celestial events from ? Then t must-have!

does include a live, zoomable sky map telling sky object looking provides loads extra information, planets, deep sky objects, meteor showers, comets, asteroids, lunar eclipses ephemer all included sky objects interactive top-down view Solar System. All just one app!

Presently, Mobile Observatory different languages: English, German, . Localisation languages progress.

Find us at http://www.facebook.com/mobileobservatory at http://mobileobservatory.info.

Mobile Observatory provides

Android Market App


- Zoomable sky map showing stars, planets, asteroids, (above )

- Interactive top-down view Solar System

- Live mode (point device information )

- Calendar showing detailed descriptions events

- Push celestial events phone's calendar a reminder alarm

- Rise, set, times object

- Position object sky (altitude )

- Twilight times, length

- Bright Star Catalog (~9000 stars) informations


Free •Mobile Observatory - Astronomy v2.0.1

3.1 : Update catalogs online

- PPM Star Catalog (mv<11, 400 000 stars)


Download Free •Mobile Observatory - Astronomy v2.0.1

up-to-date orbital elements planets

- Selection NGC objects

- Messier Catalog (110 objects) complete

- Caldwell Catalog (110 objects) complete

- HiddenTreasures Catalog (109 objects) complete

- Meteor streams (begin, maximum, hourly rate, ...)

- Lunar eclipses information

- Bright comets (automatically selected according date)

- Dwarf planets: known dwarf planets

- Minor planets: bright, near Earth, trans-Neptune (total database)

- Moon phases, view sun

- Current image Sun number

- Automatically generated visibility report object

- Twilight/Sunrise/set diagram complete year

- Compass view azimuth graphically

- Positions Jupiter moons

- Widget & set times Sun

- Automatic location determination from network

- Select a location from a built-in database via Google Maps

- Choose any time

- Detailed ephemeris, visibility information objects

- Dates between any object Moon

- 3D-view Moon planets

- Accurate calculations between 1900

What's New

Version 2.01:

- Problem View resolved



Download Free •Mobile Observatory - Astronomy v2.0.1



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