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Free •Gravity Screen - On / Off v1.73.3

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Gravity Screen - On / Off v1.73.3

Android Market App

: 2.2

Android Market App

: T turns automatically off when in pocket a table . No need any button .

Using often? Tired On-Off switching?

T turns automatically off when in pocket a table . No need any button .


Use button app.


device through sensor. When downward top, below a certain angle, it's likely out . situation sensor if covered. If yes, turns off because probably in pocket a table.

usage low turns proximity sensor it's really necessary. Moreover, when off proximity sensor in sleep state energy.


- Pocket Sensor: Recognizes if .

- Table Sensor: Detects table off.

- Turn Screen Motion: If 's facing device woken any movements, lift hand.

- Keep Screen Motion: It's a Screebl like feature but it's relying small movements doing h holding . If small motions while feature keeps be suspected phone reading something. If screen timeout position .

- Exclude Apps option: pauses itself anytime if selected app , it'll resume when . Useful when playing games etc.

- Tasker, Llama, Locale supported-in.


be. I experienced about 6 per cent extra consumption test device. However be much higher using Screen Motion feature. Thus, keep face down if energy.


On some devices (e.g. HTC One) clock off app after gone off! Please check if it's . If, yes, use a third party app,: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...mClockPlusDock


- was tested. Hopefully work fine. But, if any issue question, please email me.



Free •Gravity Screen - On / Off v1.73.3

turned motion 16 hours instead minutes. Also, Pro

Free •Gravity Screen - On / Off v1.73.3

sensor accurate. Unlock

Free •Gravity Screen - On / Off v1.73.3

what Pro be paused if any app running from app list.


Q: turns off when I put my phone in pocket, why?

A: sensor accurate. fail recognizing some materials specially if they close . If often, activate Turn-On Protection feature which effectively reduces wake-ups.

Q: I'm experiencing high battery usage, why?

A: should use about 6 percent extra energy per day if too much Screen Motion feature, keeping face down when it's table. Moreover, please, keep android en-built battery consumption measurement much higher results if it's based short period .

Q: Screen Motion feature does, why?

A: It's likely device sensor when goes off nothing about . :http://www.saltwebsites.com/2012/and...ers-screen-off

: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2227516

What's New

- - - v1.74.3 - - -

Android Market App


- less crashes during -app Purchase.

- crashed support mode.

- screen turned off during phone call

- - - v1.74.2 - - -


- advanced crash reporting. T some extra permissions

- during phone calls from now. Let me know if any problem.

If does properly after , try -install solve .

PACKAGE NAME: "com.plexnor.gravityscreenofffree"




Download Free •Gravity Screen - On / Off v1.73.3



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